The music of Vesssna may be characterized as dark rock / Gothic metal although they do not associate themselves with any particular style. Emotional female voice is complemented by thick guitar sound and intricate keyboard arrangements which make for a powerful and vivid music. The main subject of their art is the world of human emotion, dreams and aspirations. Irony and realism combines with subtle romantic and sometimes fairy tale visions.

Where were you born and where are you living right now?

I was born and still live in Moscow, Russia in the same flat my entire life.

Describe your band and how it was created:

Mainly this is my solo project. I am the author of both music and lyrics. I make arrangements for all instruments, record vocal and all guitar parts. In the studio, I’m assisted by keyboardist Marina Felis and a few other session musicians. This project was created in 2016, by that time Marina and I already have played together in two bands. Before this project, I was mainly a guitarist and backing vocalist. I studied vocal performance and wanted to create music made for my voice. As a result, we released the EP “Улыбка Свободы” (Ulybka Svobody/Smile of Freedom) in 2017 and made semiprofessional videos for each of the four songs. In 2018 we released the album “Почти Святая” (Pochti Svyataya/Almost a Saint). For two songs from this album, we made more “epic” and professional videos. When you’re a girl, even if you play rock, you can allow yourself to write songs as lyrical as you want and don’t think about it having a drive. In Russia, it’s almost unreal to get on the radio without connections. This means I don’t need to think about fitting in some kind of format and just play how I feel.

When was your last live performance, and how much do you miss performing live?

Our last performance was in February, and it was very memorable. We played an acoustic set at the “Creative Gathering of Dark Romantics”, an event for poets and writers. On the one side, I understand that the lack of concerts right now is beneficial for me because I’m practicing my guitar parts for the upcoming recording of the new album. On the other, sometimes I feel like I want to give vent to all this gained energy. No studio work nor filming gives you those kinds of feelings. If we will be performing again, I won’t worry at all, I think. It’ll be the most insane and joyful concert in my life.

What message would you like to share with any of your American fans?

We live on different sides of the planet, and our cultures are quite different. The Russian language is very odd to listen to but I hope that for someone it will add some charm to the music. There are also elements of Russian folk songs and classical music. I think together all this makes the uniform concept and is more organic and pleasant than if we were singing in English with an accent. In my photos and in the last two videos, I tried to use some ethnic elements as well. The plots themselves have some borrowing from the Russian tales, which are often dark. So if you have never been to Russia, you have a chance to feel its spirit and experience our worldview through our songs and visuals.

Have you ever visited the United States, where would you like to visit or perform?

Unfortunately, no yet but I would like to do a gig in the USA and somewhere in South America.

Could you share with us your goals and dreams:

I’d like to become a better expert in classical music. I have an academic musical degree, but I still feel some blank spots in knowledge about harmony and composition. Most of the time, I compose intuitively. Also, I have some ideas in the field of musical pedagogy and psychology. I do not know how to immortalize them, but I would like to. I also dream of going to study to become a make-up artist, I have a great talent for this. Right now, all my main dreams and goals are still related to the promotion of my music.

Tell us your future plans:

At this moment, the most important thing for me is to focus on the upcoming recording of the second album. All material is ready, we just need to solidify it in the studio, so the result is at least on the same level as previous work, preferably better. Also, I’m already thinking about the third part of the “adventures of the mythical creatures” — our next video. It probably will be our most colossal project ever and of course, I want to perform again!

What does Dark Beauty mean to you?

Nowadays, Gothic as a dress style is becoming popular again. Instagram is full of pictures of absolutely identical “Gothic girls” with false eyelashes and in clothes from Ali-Express. This has become a trend and doesn’t surprise anyone. I think that the term Dark Beauty implies that your image evokes admiration, astonishment among the average person, and at the same time frightens him with something. This is what attracts people, despite appearing odd and unnatural. This is something out of the ordinary, something memorable. To create an image like that is an art, and you must have imagination, taste and intelligence.

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